5 things to consider picking a Recruitment agency…

Being a small business– there isn’t much I can’t do compared to my larger brothers and sisters of the recruitment industry.
The agency recruitment world is vast, there is nearly 24,000 agencies in the UK, an industry worth £35.1 Billion – To be fair most of them are SME sized.

So who do you pick to work with? Here is 5 things to think about when you do decide who to use?

1. What do they really do? It’s great engaging with a global brand, or a medium recruitment agency – that have a name in the market – but what do they do? Do they specialise in your sector? Or do they have a desk at the closet office?

Why is this important? Think about retail. Halfords are a Car/bike specialist. KFC does chicken, McDonald’s’ do burgers. Then you have supermarkets – yes, they will have a section selling engine oil, but will you get the expert advice from the supermarket, as you would from Halfords about which oil to use? Which pizza tastes better? Asda or Domino’s? But there is nothing wrong with a supermarket, nor a niche specialist – but if your role is niche, or your business is technical – do you go to B&Q for Milling bits?

You’re probably thinking “but Domino’s is more expensive than Asda” – not the same thought for recruitment. The bigger ones tend to be pricier.

2. Ask them how they find people? What you want to hear is, there not just slapping an advert out, and they are not just looking at CV databases, and LinkedIn. But also – they are going to the market place, mapping the market – finding the people that are not looking and bring opportunities to them. But importantly here, what they need to be saying to you, is as by any means as possible.

3. What are they like to talk too? Recruitment is a people game, influencing, speaking too, giving information, you name it – we need a personality to do it. Are they programmed to tell you things – or are they flowing a conversation with you, is it easy? Are they able to effectively discuss with you their thoughts, or discuss what they can really do for you? Ask you relevant questions? Are you being sold too? Or are they listening to you? Have they really understood your motivation, your company needs?

4. How do you want them to communicate with you? – What is the communication moving forward? A good recruiter will reflect how you want to communicate. I have a client that calls me at 9pm at night when I am recruiting with them, I prepare myself for that, I have another that emails me, and calls me once in the process – normally at offer. Is the recruiter adaptable to your way of working?

5. Do you believe they can fill that job? Do you believe it? Are they convincing you? Forget about the size of them, or the great snazzy marketing. The important thing here is getting the right person into that job. So, do you believe in what they say? How they say it?

What a lot of agencies deliver is a thin slice in any given industry – we focus on a section – and keep it in the SME manufacturing/Engineering world. This gives us a good depth to take on a wider range of roles to support our clients.

Hope that helps you on your discovery of find a great recruitment partner. Feel free to get in touch if I can answer those questions for you!

Who we are?
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