Addtional sERvices

We don’t just do the good old fashioned recruitment too! Want elements of your recruitment process supported? helped? or do you want something bigger and much different to a Recruitment agency support of a role? Below are the list of other services/Additional we can add to the process! 


Just Adverts

A well crafted advert, can bring the right people. We can write one for you to post every! Personalised, and built to resonate with the right person!

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Advert and Advertisement

We have access to some of the biggest job boards in the UK, plus our website has over 1500 visits a week. 

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Recruitment Process Review

Sometimes, its not working, and we want to know what were its going wrong? Or is there something that can be done? 

Top to bottom review of your recruitment process – with recommendations what to do. 

Just advertisement 

Want to keep costs low, and try your luck with just an advert, but past adverts haven’t worked? This service is for a flat fee, where we take your Job specification and some questions about your business, what you are looking for, why work for you? And create an advert that candidates would apply for. An advert doesn’t guarantee the right person, but a good advert increases the chances of getting the right person. 

For an additional Cost, we can advertise your role on our website, with your Brand, and push it across our Job adverts space like, Jobsite, Indeed, Google for jobs, LinkedIn. And push it out to our social media channels too. This would be refreshed weekly. 


Recruitment Process Review 

A top down review of your recruitment process, what is going on, what is happening? why are jobs not getting good candidates, how are you doing it? and the suggestions for you to implement. Normally we do this for Small to Medium size businesses, with Larger businesses requiring a different review strategy – but we believe we can achieve this with most companies. 

We will look at these key areas that affect your business and hiring strategy – 

  • Boarding and exiting process
  • Types of roles, role creation
  • Interviewing Methodology
  • Offers
  • Marketing, social media of your roles. 

Working with 100s of companies over 16 years – i have learned a few things that works and doesn’t work in the seeking of good people for a business. And the key areas companies need to focus on, to get the best out of the process. 

Sadly a full cost/time frame can not be given, until we chat, and find out the key stress points. And areas you will need to be reviewed. 


I’m ready when you are!