Candidate engagement is important.

Candidate engagement is the buzz word in the past 6 months. We, in the recruitment industry are sitting up and paying attention to that fact, it’s a candidate driven market place, and in a sector where there is a skills gap, Candidate engagement is priority.

It’s probably why you get a lot of spec sends from recruiters with CVS of candidate that may or may not be worth speaking too. I don’t believe in spec sends, and have a lot of issues and politics around it.

So, what is Candidate Engagement?

Well, ever sent an email to someone and never got a response? How annoying is that? Now think if the email was personal to you, and still didn’t get a response? That would make you think that the receiver doesn’t really have you in mind or respect your email.

Take that to the next level and, the email is an application for a role.

One of the greatest annoyances in the job application arena from candidates, is not getting a response from their emails/applications. A simple yes or no email can be created to reject a candidate, and let them know you will hold on to their CV or not (bear in mind Data protection laws on this). A response within 24 hours is probably a good and reasonable time. Bigger the company, maybe an email telling the candidate when they will get feedback.

But let’s say you do like the candidate?

From experience, depending on the sector, role, level and how available the candidate is, moving on a candidate is positively as you can is to your advantage. But if that can’t be done face to face, we have phone and skype to do the initial check of relevance to you and the role.

Next step interview, and most candidates, most of the time have a positive interview with managers. The negativity creeps in over the days trying to work out if you liked them?

Did you?

I have successfully held a candidate over 6 weeks, because the hiring mangers communication has been brilliant, every couple of days, we discussed the issues and politics and was happy to pick up the phone to the candidate to discuss issues their end, and why feedback or an offer in this case, was taking so long.

We in the recruitment world, and candidates understand the politics in each company, we witness it daily.

I guess that is the learn for candidate engagement. It’s all about communication and perception.

It’s important these days, as the market and unemployment falls, people are in jobs, the only thing that motivates people these days according to job websites is salary to leave as number one, and number 2 is progression – Number 3 is management.

Which is important to people. What better way to show how good your business is, if you engage with everyone, and give everyone a positive experience with you.

Couple of questions you may have?

  • Do I engage with every candidate that is unsuitable?

Quick email to the candidate saying they are unsuccessful is enough, candidates just want to know where they stand. Some candidates will contact you to find out why? Because they maybe not relevant to you on paper. The learn in my 12 years in recruitment is – not every can write a good CV.

  • Why is this so important?

You don’t know who is applying, a future manager, a buyer, a customer, anyone could be applying for a role with you now, and may engage with in the future – but also – 2 seconds of your time, or a positive experience with you, in the world of Zero moment of truth, and social media – can reflect positive on you and the company. But thing as well, how would you like to be treated?


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