CV Speccing to companies – my thoughts.

As GDPR ascends on us, I am always wondering what we need to do as Recruitment agencies to make sure we stay legit.

It come to my attention nearly weekly that speaking with candidates and Hiring managers – how they have already received a CV from an agency.

But the surprising thing is, how they have received the CV – outside the candidates authorisation. Off the back of a Linkedin Update, The Recruiter Magazine approached me to discuss my thoughts – which you can find the link to the article here –

Highlights of the article – 2 lawyers suggest that when you receive a unsolicited CV from an agency – they could be breaking the law. And what is discovered by myself – that is probably true in most situations.

What we do at Thomas Lee Recruitment is ask candidates if they want to be featured at our Available candidates part of our website. Making them a nameless/faceless profile.

Which you can find on our website here –

This helps in a few ways.

  1. If hiring manager wants to learn more about the candidate – you have the option to engage.
  2. If the candidate doesn’t want to go forward, then the hiring manager, isn’t aware of who they are.
  3. Which leads into the important part for all parties – We protect the rights of the candidate – especially under GDPR – and we don’t block the market for future applications for you.
  4. Bonus number 4 – we don’t want to be seen as a dis-honest agency. Honesty is what is missing in this sector. And we want to bring it back.

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