Get better at interviewing people.

In recruitment, we come across more ways of interviewing than you can shake a candidate at. Each with so many different end results. Is there a good way to interview? Yes. What is it? Well – we have scoured our experience and hearing how clients have interviewed their candidates – and come up with some ideas on how you could be interviewing to get the best out of your process…

1. Rule 1 – Don’t have an interview, have a conversation. This reduces the stress, opens the candidate up, and builds a rapport that can bring the best out of the candidate and allow them to be frank – frank is good as it lets you find out the type of person they really are. Is this person going to fit into your existing team? Will they work well with the person who will manage them?

2. Research before the interview – If you go in cold, the interview will only produce what you can think of on the spot. So, you need to be prepared – have some questions ready. Try to create 5 questions about the candidate from their CV, and 5 questions not on the CV. As the interview goes on – you can revert to the questions to keep the interview stimulated – but sometimes questions get answered before they are asked.

3. Don’t stick to an agenda – try to be fluid with your interview, the questions may get answered in some shape of form – and its ok to go back if you need to be. Don’t make it feel like an exam or an interrogation.

4. If your questions are about– “Do you know how to sell to large companies in the aerospace industry?” Change it to a concept – “We are looking to develop into the aerospace industry – I need someone that can take control of that, do you have the right experience to take on a large project like that? How could we approach that?” then let them answer – if they don’t, then you know they’re not right.

5. If you are going to take notes, try to take less – focus your attention on what they say – and take notes at the end.

6. Ask open questions!! “How, what, where, why, when, who?”

7. Check your body language – always be open, try not to look defensive – crossing arms, legs, sitting back in your seat. I know it seems small – but little things do effect some people. Sit up and forward facing the person – and be engaged! DON’T LOOK AT YOUR PHONE!!

8. Meeting setting – Do meet in a quiet place, don’t meet in a noisy place. I understand, sometimes, it’s nice to take someone to a coffee shop. If you must, find a really quiet time to do it, if you have to! But, try your best to be one on one in a place away from other people. It will open up the candidate more!

9. Tell nothing, or tell all. Give the candidate a good feeling of the business and the role – tell them everything – if you don’t, tell them nothing. Depending how you manage, I would side with honesty – however you work that into your interview. Being open and honest may create questions that you never normally ask.

10. Have fun. Talk about things that are not work related – football, rugby, family – anything learns about that person as a person.

11. Always spend 15 minutes at the end of the interview on your own – reflecting on the interview, write some notes and come to conclusions of what you need to do. Try to keep your interview process down. Keep away from 3 stages if you possibly can – from a candidate perspective, more stages will feel like an interrogation – and will question why they want to work for you?

12. An old manager said to me once – “if you haven’t asked the question, and they have answered it, anything else is just assumption” – basically referring too, if you come out of an interview, and you are assuming things the candidate will or will not do, you haven’t asked enough questions. All interview outcome, should default on facts given, yes personality is a given – and we need to get on with the new comer – that is another tick if they are, but never assume they will be bored, or leave you – unless they have told you that.

Hope there are some tips in there to help you.