Have you heard of Zero Moment of truth?

Its an extraordinary thing the world we live in today – many years ago, we used to pop down the local TV store and ask the salesperson – which TV was the right one?
Some of us still do, but are you like me? I will google the best TVs and spend days looking for the right one. Suddenly find the one I want – click order and I am happy!
Its probably why sites like compare the market and ebay/amazon are doing so well, we can read reviews, and come up with our own reasons on why we should buy something.
The same thing has started to happen with Business to Business sales, well, its happening now. You will read this email and then google my company and find out what I do, then you will think – “I wonder who else does this?” – and if you are like me you will research the recruiting supplier – or the stationary supplier, materials supplier – everything – because we now live in a world where we have the power to investigate companies before we use them.

It’s called “the Zero Moment of Truth” (ZMOT) –  is the moment when a customer/user interacts with a brand, product or service to form or change an impression about that particular brand, product or service – The internet has changed altogether the way consumers are interacting with brands, products or services this online decision-making moment is termed as ZMOT. According to research conducted by Google, 88% of US customers are researching online before actually buying the product.

Why is that important to you and recruitment?
Candidates are people, the same people reviewing washing machines on the internet are reviewing your company – they will do this via 2 methods – google your business, look at your website and see what you do, and will make a decision on that.
It can affect your candidate applications.

  • They will look at the about us section
  • They will read the advert and think – “why should I apply?”
  • They will seek the vacancies part to see how to apply direct – if there is an application form to fill out, you lose nearly 50% of applicants before they start filling out the application, then a further 10% of the remainder per field!
  • They will read your social media, blogs or watch you tubes about you.

Zero Moment of truth is like a sphere of influence – not only do we now have to worry about the products/services we sell – but also, what we look like to potential employees.

How do you improve your ZMOT?
A couple of ways you can improve you companies ZMOT for a candidate experience –

  • Make sure you have a vacancy page on your website, that can come up in google searches, with all the roles you are seeking to find people for clearly highlighted.
  • Try to have an easy application process – maybe a “career@” email address – address to write a letter to the company reduces the applicants by nearly 100%.
  • Remember candidate attraction, put up blogs, testimonials, information about working for you company. – or even film the company hard at work and put that on there!
  • Be active on Social media! Give the feeling of a great company to work for, tell the world about how Janet sat in a bath of beans for charity – or how the MD has let you go early for hitting target.
  • Lastly – we are recruiters spend a lot of time speaking with our clients on why people should work for you – the first place we tell candidates to go is the website – but if you have a leaflet or “why work for us” part to your website – that will go a long way!