Keep Moving forward – Thomas Lee Recruitment Year 1

1 year old in January 2017 – So I thought I’d have a chat with myself about it.

I got asked a lot of questions about starting my own business – thought I would do a little video trying to answer them! I had to edit it down to 10mins, anyone that knows me, knows I like to talk about things I am passionate about. My company, and my vision.

Why, Who, what – all answered with a special thanks to SSG Recruitment for their support – (thats an oversimplification of what they have done for me).

So you will get to see my mug in HD.

My focus in 2017 is simple –

  • Continue on with the vision of Honesty, trust and reliability.
  • Grow the business focusing on what we do best – Engineering & Technical Sales.
  • Stay passionate about our offerings and what we do as a company.
  • And engage with more like minded people – who ever you are.

Thanks for spending time watching this! Follow me, ask me any questions around recruitment, I aim to do more vlogs in 2017.