Reduce the time it takes for a candidate to apply.

To find great people today is getting harder and harder. We as recruiters have many methods in a arsenal to find people – to be fair, its our job, its what we get paid to do.

What we have realised over the years, and thanks to the job websites 1 click applications – The job applicant now has as much patients as a 3 year old in a sweet shop, when applying for a job.

In Fact the number is a staggering 49.7seconds to decide to apply for the job – according to Business Insider. 

What is happening in that near 50seconds?

  • They scan the job title.
  • They scan the salary
  • They scan the first few lines of the Job spec
  • Jump to duties
  • Jump to qualifications
  • Then Click apply.

Only 38% of candidates where able to find if there were a good fit to the job. So 2/3rd of candidates, found it hard to identify if there where right for a job. Makes me wondering how many good people we are missing?

Add to that the application process – with some sites asking candidates to fill out forms, and competitors suggesting one click apply – the candidates are going for the one click apply everytime.

I know what you are think – Why is this happening?

Couple of reasons

  • It’s a candidate driven market – and people are looking for work for 2 reasons – Money & Stability.
  • Job adverts are far too technical, and too much information. Candidates are looking for key things – What is it? Can i do it? How much does it Pay?
  • The longer the application process – the less chance a candidate will apply.

What can you do? 

  • Stop advertising the job spec and and start advertising to the person, what is in it for them? What will they be doing? Why should the work for you? What can you give them? Be courageous with it.
  • Remove online application systems, put an email address – they’ll do the rest.
  • Move quick on each application – 24-48 hours with feedback.

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