Retainer Information

Our search and selection model is simple; we work on a retained business model.

  • Meet to discuss the role, the business and the future of the business and how instrumental that candidate will be in your plans

  • Small Non-Refundable retainer of £2000 at this point

  • Search and Select candidates for the role

  • We will meet all candidates, and discuss the opportunity

  • Send CVs

  • Arrange meetings with yourself and candidate

  • 25% of the fee paid at this point

  • Discuss next steps of the candidate process

  • Offer – We will support and advise the offer if needs to be

  • Remaining fee paid

  • All Retainers come with a 12 month rebate period - please ask for more information on this. 

Everything we do as a specialist engineering recruitment agency is to make sure our clients have the best candidates on the market. We believe in a recruitment model for every SME & Large business needs to be cost effective, Easy to do that finds the right people – at the point of which they are needed. We understand that Engineering recruitment for skilled Engineering Staff from Blue collar to White collar in a manufacturing company is very difficult, has problems and can be a mine field. Whether you use agencies, use your own methods of recruitment or use social media, we believe you can benefit from our experience as a specialist engineering recruitment agency.

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