Skilled Engineers

The people that can turn Drawings into physical products, these guys have cultivated their skills over years, of training and experience.  

What do we cover?

The definition of a Skilled Engineer to us, is a person that has spent their career developing their skills to take a drawing to a real object via a variety of specialist methodologies, Like Fabrication/Welding, CNC etc. Here is a few areas we have a lot of experience in… 


We’ve supported businesses in finding a CNC Skilled Engineer, that covers Programmers, Setters and operators. We get that each brand of machine in each company can use different software, nuances and methodologies. But generally speaking we understand why you need a Fanuc and not a Armada candidate.

Maintenance Engineers

On site or in the field, Maintenance engineers we have covered Maintenance engineers that have fixed coffee machines, optical kit, to compressed air, hydraulic systems, to Generator systems. A very wide sector with various skills and abilities in between. These people have to understand what they are fixing. And we understand this. 

Aircraft Engineers

Kicking tyres and lighting fires, this is an area of Skilled Engineering that is close to my heart, this is where i did my apprenticeship and went to uni to study. A, B1, B2 and even C licence people – I feel we have good knowledge of this sector. And area we would love to expand and help you. 


Fabricators and Welders cover a specialist skill in Engineering today. These guys know how to bend, shape and stick it together, making everything from a Square to round to a structure taking ton of pressure. I like to think this group of engineers are the highly skilled guys. 

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