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in a recruitment model for every SME business - needs to be cost effective, Easy to do, that finds the right people…


SME Guide to Recruitment.

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SME Guide to Recruitment 2016


About Thomas Lee

Everything we do as a specialist engineering recruitment agency is to make sure our clients have the best candidates on the market. We believe in a recruitment model for every SME business needs to be cost effective, Easy to do that finds the right people – at the point of which they are needed.

We understand that Engineering recruitment for skilled Engineering Staff from Blue collar to White collar in a manufacturing company is very difficult, has problems and can be a mine field. Whether you use agencies, use your own methods of recruitment or use social media, we believe you can benefit from our experience as a specialist engineering recruitment agency. Thomas Lee Recruitment SME guide to Recruitment 2016 is here to answer these questions for you.

A comprehensive guide to recruitment in 2016 – cover

• Social media?
• How to advertise a job?
• Best ways to get the most of interviewing a candidate?
• How to really use recruitment agencies?
• What is a cost effective method of recruitment?
• With facts, figures and tips on how an SME can really drive forward their recruitment – and your business.

A true sneak peek behind the curtain of recruitment world of what we do day to day. We are a specialist Engineering & Technical Sales recruitment agency that focuses on the SME Manufacturing sector – and want to help you.

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Who is this for? Business owner, Hiring Managers, Human Resources in a SME business that are looking for a cost effective, Easier way of doing recruitment.

Who are Thomas Lee Recruitment? Specialist Engineering recruitment agency that focuses on Engineering and Technical Sales within an SME business.

How do I get in touch with Thomas Lee recruitment? You can get hold of us on 0121 661 6578 or email

Will this guide turn my recruitment around overnight? We can't promise that, this guide is to aid you in your efforts, and get the best out of the process & strategy time, effort and focus with this guide will produce results