Technical Sales Recruitment

From BDMs to Internal Sales – Sales is what turns that product or service into the ROI. 

What do we cover?

Technical Sales in any Manufacturing/Engineering company, is where the ROI happens. Product or Service is ready, but who do we sell it too? This is where this department comes in. So we know it is important to find the right type of people for your business. We’ve worked in a wide range of companies selling stuff. From Capacity sales within a Precision engineering/Machine Shop, to Sell very unique specialist products to a cross section of technical sectors, that we never knew existed. If it can be sold, we hope to find the right person that can sell it! 

Sales Engineers

A broad term for a salesperson within the manufacturing sector. From selling Widgets, parts, capital Equipment to selling the capacity of a machine shop to tier 1 manufacturers. These are the people that get your business out there, and are extremely important to you. 

Account Managers

When the Sales Team has been successful and your business has a lot of customers to manage and maximise, an account manager is needed. They need to be organised and focused, and spot new opportunities/build relationships with customers to continue that long-standing relationship into the future! 

Business Development Managers

A lot of people like to put a few inches between the BDM and Sales engineer – We understand, that in some companies a BDM can be a Sales Engineer, but also, can be a Strategic person, looking at building a sales and marketing plan to get into large customers, build relationships and find new avenues for the product to go down. For some companies its a different title, but we understand the difference it can be. 


Sometimes in a Manufacturing/Engineering Business, a Marketing Specialist is employed. Not as rare as it used to be, and not always given to the BDM to deal with. A marketing specialist can be extremely important to solving things like sales literature, social media and website presentation, as well as the visualisation of your product and service. 

Sales Managers

Managing a team of Salespeople requires a tenacity that only Sales Managers understand. Maybe you have a large team, or you are building a team. A Sales manager keeps the plan on point, supports the team, and understands what success looks like. Sales Managers/Directors Keeps those wheels turning, and the ROI coming in. 

Internal Sales/Sales Support/Sales Admin

All great Sales teams need great support. The people that solve the admin issues, process the orders, Book the appointments chase the suppliers and make sure deliveries get to where they are meant to get to. Without these guys, the Sales team is not selling at every opportunity. 

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