The Problem with Job adverts today…


The problem with most job adverts today is that amount of people that are mostly skim reading the advert.

So, how do we solve the issue of skim reading adverts?

Here are 5 ways you can solve the problem…

  1. Stop posting job specs the job spec is important, the issue is – there really long and to some people that are skimming through job adverts in the 100’s per day they are too long too read.
  2. Start thinking, what do you want to read in a new job to entice you? What personally attracted you to the job you are in? Money? Progression opportunity? The job? What’s special about the role? Can you intrigue the person to apply?
  3. Be different. This will stick out to the passive candidate – something different, that’s what they are looking for.
  4. Open the role up Don’t be too narrow but don’t be too broad – what would you accept as a good alternative to this role?
  5. Don’t worry about selling the standard package outline the not standard stuff you do… think of everything that is not statutory.
  6. Pay market rate. Salary is a big one in the recruitment world – not only have you got to attract the right people with the right job – but you have got to pay well.
  7. Sometimes the important information is missed… 

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