Top 5 ways to get better candidates


Many years ago we used to be able to pop a little advert in the local newspaper to find the right staff. Over time and with Technology increasing in our daily lives – the adverts in the local newspaper of decreased. I remember it being a good 6-8 pages of Jobs – now more like 1-2 pages, with the reality that people are buying less newspapers.

Candidates are king in a marketplace where Talent is short – Engineering and Sales is such a place. Here are 5 tips to help you find some good candidates!

  1. Write a better job advert! – Just like candidates need to write a better CV to stand out – we need to write adverts that catch people’s eyes! Sometimes we copy and paste the last role we hired, try this time to write the advert from Scratch, focusing on 2 -3 of the key skill/Experience areas of which you need. Focus on Skill & Experience first, then who you are and what you do.
  2. Does your company & you have a social media presence? Are the twitter feeds updated, weekly at least? Are you linking with likeminded people on LinkedIn? 49% of companies last year found staff via Social Media last year. This is increasing year on year.
  3. Is your salary competitive enough? Total Jobs survey found that the number one reason for moving jobs was to seek a better salary. Candidates are now focusing more on salary and less on company perks, according to this Survey.
  4. Time vs. Need – For the average candidate – getting an interview with a company can take 23days on average (finding, applying, emails, telephone, schedule an interview that meets both needs) – if you include the time it takes for a company to take a candidate through a process – that is an average of 4-8 weeks (depending on level of job). The candidate could have several of these roles applied for – with 4-5 interviews on average per month – and you are one of them! Reducing decision time, turning around interviews with feedback within 24hours will increase the odds of finding the right candidate! Especially the niche, talent short roles – time is at the essence.
  5. Use a Recruitment Agency! I know, I had to plug agencies in there – but all the above is time and money to you and your business. Time and money that could be best spend on hitting targets, managing your staff & business. According to “HR review” it costs up to £31,000 per employee replacement in the Technical/IT industry if the role is left longer to replace this goes up and up – that’s including things like, your time, HR’s time, your bosses time, adverts, temp workers, other staff’s time covering the role – and that’s not including if the role brings in revenue – the lost revenue that could be made. Agencies can dramatically reduce the cost of recruitment in both time and money – this is what we do every day.

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