Typical Interview Questions – How to answer them.

Typical Interview questions is one of the things as a recruiter i get asked alot about – the main ones people tend to ask – i thought i would vlog this week and discuss ways of structuring your answer. There isn’t a hack or a cheat for interviews, everyone has individual experienced and abilities/skills… but the thing you need to do is prepare. Especially if you suck at interviews.

So here is some thoughts on what to prepare, for typical interview questions you will be asked…

Side note – this is a 12 min video – so here are some time markers…

  • 0.44 – Tell me about yourself?
  • 2.19 – What are your greatest weaknesses?
  • 4.16 – Why Should I hire you?
  • 5.42 – What are your salary expectations?
  • 8.17 – Tell me about a time? competency based questions.