In a world of finding niche candidates…

I like to think that recruitment is an easy process, you find a great candidate – or you work with a great company, and it sells itself. But not always.

Finding people these days takes a lot of time, energy and money. Yes some jobs are easy to find people – and other jobs are frankly just a nightmare.

Below are a couple of ideas to make your process a little easier…

  1. Start sooner rather than later. It can’t always happen, you suddenly get someone leaving and you have a month to find someone. What I suggest is, spend an hour a week, look around – see who is who, and what they can do? Touch base with candidate, recruiters – have a frank conversation about it. Keep a list of the names and people you meet – and what they do.
  2. Meet everyone. Obviously withing reason, I live by a rule called the 55% rule – where you need to speak with anyone that covers 55% of the jobs spec. If they look close – and you know you can work with that. Meet them.
  3. Make sure people can find the jobs on your website. If you are recruiting, get it on your website – make it easy to reply. And respond to the candidate within 24 hours with feedback.
  4. Time. The biggest loser in recruitment is everyone, there is a time frame to respond to everyone, its normally 24 hour, 48 at a stretch. After that, good candidates don’t stick around.

The area we discover where candidates slip through the fingers of hiring managers – is elements of the above – or the whole. Recruitment is annoying, its hard, it takes a lot of energy and some people really don’t want to address it.

There is no magic formula, there is no JML product, there is no magic database or website that can solve your recruitment needs, you either do, or do not do it.

This is what we do for a living.